Cannabis Grow 101 Course
Cannabis Grow 101 Course

Course Combo: Cannabis Grow 101 Bundle & Cannabis 101

R 2,975.00

The perfect Course Combo for anyone new to the world of Cannabis who wants to understand the basic science behind the plant as well as how to grow from seed to harvest. 

Our Cannabis 101 course contains general information about Cannabis, the basic science of “why” Cannabis works with our own Endocannabinoid system, differences between CBD and THC, the law and types of products that are available. This course will help you understand the basics. Everything from the history of the plant, terpenes, dosing and the science behind why cannabis works for so many ailments. The course includes video testimonials from scientists and medical experts, infographics, and additional visuals to support the written content. Any individual wanting to learn more about the science of cannabis will find the course valuable.

Our Cannabis Grow 101 Course is a comprehensive course that will empower you with the  knowledge and skills necessary to begin your journey to grow Cannabis to the highest standard.  Whether you are growing at home for personal use or aiming to follow a career as a Cannabis grower this course will help you meet the demands of, and gain employment in, today’s Cannabis industry. Once completed you will understand the entire cultivation process from seed to sale, so you have the confidence and clarity to participate in this exciting, rapidly growing industry.

The Bundle version of this course includes 4x 2hrs Zoom classes which take place on a Thursday evening from 6pm - 8pm. The Zoom classes give you an opportunity to network, knowledge share and ask questions. You can view the class topics below. 

Each course is a self study online course and each course will take you approximately 15 - 20 hours depending on your pre-existing knowledge plus the 8 hrs Zoom classes. 

Before we start...
Cannabis Prohibition
Cannabis Legislation in South Africa

Module 1
1.1 Getting started
1.2 Why do I want to grow?
1.3 What am I going to grow?
2.1 Where am I going to grow: indoors or outdoors?
2.2 What about security?
2.3 When am I going to grow?
3.1 How am I going to grow?
3.2 What tools and equipment do I need?

Module 2 Prepare Part 1
1.1 What am I growing? The Botany of the Cannabis Plant
2.1 Basic Plant Structure
2.2 Sexing Cannabis Plants
3.1 Life cycle of Cannabis (Male and Female)
3.2 Plant chemistry

Module 2 Prepare Part 2
4.1 When am I growing?
4.2 How am I growing?
5.1 Where am I growing?
Outdoor growing: getting started 

Module 3 Plant
3.1 The growing stages of Cannabis
3.2 How to plant Cannabis
3.3 Seed germination
3.4 The Cannabis seedling
3.5 Hydroponics
3.6 Aquaponics

Module 4 Nurture and Maintain
4.1 The Vegetative and Flowering stages of Cannabis
The Vegetative growth stage
The Flowering stage
4.2 Maintenance and Techniques
4.3 Cloning
4.4 Stress, Pests, Fungi and Diseases
4.5 Nutrient deficiencies
4.6 Nutrient excesses

Module 5 Harvest and Use
5.1 Trichomes: What are they and why are they important?
5.2 Harvest preparation
5.3 The Pre-harvest process (Step by Step)
5.4 The Harvesting Process (Step by Step)
5.5 Manicure, dry, cure and store (Step by Step)
5.6 Reveg your Cannabis plant (Step by Step)
5.7 Extraction and Use
5.8 An introduction to methods of extraction

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