Since 2014 Foria has been hard at work developing comprehensive product lines for intimacy, relief and optimal well-being for women. It is their mission to offer effective products for important and under-served life experiences. 

We love the Foria brand and share many of the same values and principles.  When coming to intimacy products, you simply cannot beat years of research, development and learnings from customer feedback, which is why we are very excited to be able to offer you their specialised product range. 

In line with all our CBD products, the Foria Wellness range formulas build on a foundation of Premium Broad Spectrum CBD combined with 100% plant-based ingredients. All of their ingredients are certified organic and/or grown pesticide free and their hemp is sourced from Hudson Hemp - an exemplary farm that maintains organic, biodynamic and regenerative processes from seed to oil. 

To learn more about CBD visit our Guide to CBD Learn more about Foria Wellness CBD