We are very particular about the suppliers we work and take time to ensure that our values and beliefs are aligned. We are proud to work with Foria and share a similar approach to peoples health and wellness and the way we treat our planet.

A Holistic Approach

Since Foria began in 2013, they have set out to lead the industry with the highest standards of quality, transparency and sensitivity to their impact on the global ecology. They are committed to keeping a harmonious relationship with people, plants and planet and are excited to play their part as responsible stewards of this amazing plant.

From their farms to your bedside, their products have been handled with incredible care.

- They source their hemp exclusively from organic, bio-dynamic, and regenerative family farms
- They use 100% plant-based ingredients — no synthetics ever
- All their ingredients are certified-organic and/or grown pesticide-free
- They manufacture in a GMP facility and do rigorous 3rd party lab testing on every batch 
- They've designed low-impact packaging to enhance recyclability and minimise waste and plastic pollution

Beyond Organic Hemp

Foria work with Hudson Hemp — an exemplary farm that maintains organic, bio-dynamic, and regenerative practices from seed to oil. Their hemp has already received USDA Organic certification — a rarity in the industry.

Hudson Hemp goes above and beyond organic standards — using regenerative & bio-dynamic agriculture techniques to restore and expand wildlife habitat, enrich soil health, and protect local watersheds, all while removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the rich web of life below the ground, ensuring a rich source of organic nutrients for these vibrant hemp plants.

Extraction Artistry

Hudson Hemp’s plants are processed and extracted on-site, allowing for unparalleled quality control while reducing energy waste. Hudson Hemp’s on-farm, state-of-the-art extraction facility is FDA-certified, Kosher-certified, ISO certified, and GMP compliant.

Although CO2 extraction is popular as a clean alternative to toxic processes using butane or hexane, it’s still a dangerous and expensive process. Instead, the master extractors at Hudson Hemp have chosen cryo-ethanol extraction, powered exclusively by certified-organic food-grade ethanol.

This ultra-low-temperature process preserves the hemp’s full spectrum of precious phytochemicals and terpenes. After extraction, a final “short-path distillation” step removes plant waxes and all traces of THC. 

Every batch of hemp extract is independently tested for purity and potency, ensuring the broad spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids necessary for CBD’s famous “entourage effect.” 

sustainable packaging

Foria use:
- 100% post-consumer, FSC-certified paper & eco-inks for boxes and inserts
- 100% recyclable amber bottles 
- Recyclable dropper tops

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