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Our Cannabis Grow 101 Course is a comprehensive course that will empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin your journey to growing Cannabis to the highest standard. Whether you are growing at home for personal use or aiming to follow a career as a Cannabis grower this course is a perfect foundation to help you meet the demands of, and take steps towards gaining employment in, today’s Cannabis industry. The course will help you understand the entire cultivation process from seed to sale, so you have the confidence and clarity to participate in this exciting, rapidly growing industry.

Here are some examples of job opportunities that are available in the Cannabis grow space:

- Transplanting Technician
- Pest and Disease Technician
- Assistant to the Chief Cultivator
- Harvesting Assistant
- Curing Assistant/Technician
- Trimmer
- Nursery Assistant/Technician
- Processing Crew
- Farm Hand

This online course features five video tutorials

Cannabis Grow 101 Course

video instructors

Cuban Zulu Boutique Indoor Grower

Cuban Zulu

Cuban Zulu - aka Kwanda Mtetwa, is a connoisseur grower based in Johannesburg who is building a reputation as one of South Africa’s finest quality boutique growers. He has traveled extensively learning from some of the world's finest growers and brings this expansive knowledge to the course where he shares his methods and techniques for harvesting, curing and storing Cannabis.

Dean van Schalkwyk Marijuana SA

Dean van Schalkwyk

Dean is the Director of Marijuana SA, one of South Africa's premier grow stores. He has been growing for over 10 years and is a subject matter expert in Cannabis growing with deep knowledge on indoor home growing and the equipment needed. He also hosts a successful show on their Youtube channel with his hombre Andrew Forte. Dean will take you through all the apparatus and share tips and tricks needed to ensure you optimise your indoor grow.

Nevironn Felix CannaGrowSome


CannaGrowSome - aka Nevironn Felix is a backyard grower from Cape Town who has been growing Cannabis successfully for 5 years. He is experienced in both indoor and outdoor growing and will take you through growing Cannabis on a budget. He is also passionate about using Cannabis as a food source and companion planting which he will introduce you too in his video.

Jordyn Murcia Green Smoke Room

Jordyn Murcia

Jordyn is the founder of the South African seed company Green Smoke Room Seeds. The company was established over 10 years ago with the vision of taking the pride of African Cannabis genetics to the rest of the world. They have grown to be one of the largest seed banks globally, stocking >15 000 strains, from more than 130 breeders globally. They have their own African inspired range of Cannabis genetics and are considered to be one of top genetics companies on the continent. Jordyn will take you through tips and tricks for germination and highlight what to look for in good quality seeds. 

Natie Ferreira Tamatie

Natie Ferreira

Natie’s 18 years of experience in the green industry as a beautifier, project manager and producer has brought him to the place where horticulture and agriculture meet. He has extensive knowledge and experience of farming and growing Cannabis and is a driving force in the industry. He is a founding member and treasurer of the Cannabis Industrial Development Cooperative of the Western Cape (CIDC WC) a founding member and chairman of the Association of Compassion (AOC) and runs Tamatie,  a company that we have partnered with to teach advanced growing: 

- Advanced Grow Workshop
- Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

Merge his instinctive understanding of the Cannabis plant in all its phases with his knowledge and green fingers, and you have a deep source of Cannabis know-how. He will take you through the ins and outs of outdoor growing from his beautiful small holding in Paarl just outside of Cape Town.


Before we start...
Cannabis Prohibition
Cannabis Legislation in South Africa

Module 1
1.1 Getting started
1.2 Why do I want to grow?
1.3 What am I going to grow?
2.1 Where am I going to grow: indoors or outdoors?
2.2 What about security?
2.3 When am I going to grow?
3.1 How am I going to grow?
3.2 What tools and equipment do I need?

Module 2 Prepare Part 1
1.1 What am I growing? The Botany of the Cannabis Plant
2.1 Basic Plant Structure
2.2 Sexing Cannabis Plants
3.1 Life cycle of Cannabis (Male and Female)
3.2 Plant chemistry

Module 2 Prepare Part 2
4.1 When am I growing?
4.2 How am I growing?
5.1 Where am I growing?
Outdoor growing: getting started

Module 3 Plant
3.1 The growing stages of Cannabis
3.2 How to plant Cannabis
3.3 Seed germination
3.4 The Cannabis seedling
3.5 Hydroponics
3.6 Aquaponics

Module 4 Nurture and Maintain
4.1 The Vegetative and Flowering stages of Cannabis
The Vegetative growth stage
The Flowering stage
4.2 Maintenance and Techniques
4.3 Cloning
4.4 Stress, Pests, Fungi and Diseases
4.5 Nutrient deficiencies
4.6 Nutrient excesses

Module 5 Harvest and Use
5.1 Trichomes: What are they and why are they important? 5.2 Harvest preparation
5.3 The Pre-harvest process (Step by Step)
5.4 The Harvesting Process (Step by Step)
5.5 Manicure, dry, cure and store (Step by Step)
5.6 Reveg your Cannabis plant (Step by Step)
5.7 Extraction and Use
5.8 An introduction to methods of extraction 


(CANNABIS Grow 101 + 4 Zoom Classes)

This is a more immersive version of the Cannabis Grow 101 course where you will complete the self study online version of the course in your own time and at your own pace and also join four online Zoom classes. The classes take place on a Thursday fro 6pm - 8pm.

Joining an online class is a powerful opportunity to meet fellow growers building your network, facilitating peer to peer knowledge exchange and providing you with the opportunity to ask questions relating to the self study course and your own grow.

Zoom Class subjects:

Week 1: Industry Overview 
About the cannabis industry, its structure, strengths / weaknesses / threats and opportunities.

Week 2: Cannabis as a Lifestyle & Cannabis Clubs
Why people use cannabis. Responsible cannabis use. Cannabis products and usage. Different delivery methods -inhalation, ingestion, topicals and extracts. Cannabis Clubs & Dispensaries. Budtender role & responsibilities.

Week 3: Compliance & Regulation, Extraction 
Overview of South Africa's Cannabis licensing landscape. Introduction to extraction methods and techniques.

Week 4: Growing
Understanding the Cannabis plant. Growing - from seed to bud, genetics, extraction, indoor vs outdoor.

See Cannabis Grow 101 info

Next course start dates in 2023:

19th October

Meet Your Instructors


This class will teach you the ins and outs of the cannabis industry, its structure, the different industry segments and the  strengths / weaknesses / threats and opportunities of the African cannabis industry.

Trenton Birch

Instructor: Chris Jay - Cannabis Promoter

Chris Jay is a cannabis promoter who has been involved in the South African Cannabis Industry for over two decades. He runs his own digital marketing agency for cannabis companies and has written hundreds of articles covering all aspects of the industry. He also moderates growers for and over 25 cannabis websites, including the Dagga Party's internet presence.


This class explores the reasons why people use cannabis, responsible cannabis use and cannabis products. We unpack different delivery methods -inhalation, ingestion, topicals & suppositories and explore edibles, beverages and the type of extracts used in each product.  The second half of the class explores the Cannabis Club landscape in South Africa in more detail. 

Marleen Theunissen Fields of Green cannabis fundamentals course instructor for All

Instructor: Marleen Theunissen (Cradlestone Quality Solutions)

Marleen is a Cannabis Entrepreneur focussing on Private Cannabis Club compliance and Quality Management Systems. She is the founder of Cradlestoned Quality Solutions, a Quality Consulting Firm specializing in PCC Management, various ISO standards and Global G.A.P. compliance for Cannabis-producing and non-Cannabis producing farms. She has a passion and extensive knowledge around the current Club landscape in South Africa. 


In this class you will gain an understanding of the botany of the cannabis plant and we take you through the growing process from seed to bud. We talk genetics, indoor versus outdoor, pest management and unpack the tools needed to grow.  

Daz Jacobsen

Instructor: Daz Jacobsen

Daz has been a Cannabis farmer since 2010 specialising in organic Cannabis cultivation and solventless Cannabis extraction methods. He is a long time advocate for the benefits of Cannabis as a medicine after recovering from a diabetic coma. His extensive Cannabis cultivation experience led him to a love of sharing his knowledge to ensure others can gain insight into Cannabis and Hemp cultivation and the benefits of consuming Cannabis safely with minimal environmental impact. He is just green through and through. 


This class unpacks the compliance & regulatory frame work around Cannabis licenses in South Africa and looks at the current legal status around Cannabis cultivation.   

Jeff Verlinden

Instructor: Jeff Verlinden (Pharmaceutical and Cannabis Specialist at Separations)

Jeff is a Biochemist working in Separations pharmaceutical support division. He has a passion for cannabis extraction and formulation workflows along with all necessary testing analytics; to ensure the highest quality product ends up in the hands of consumers at all levels of use.


The cannabis extraction industry has exploded over the last few years and this class will take you through all the different extraction methods, techniques and the results gained from each method.  

storm kenmuir house of extractions cannabis fundamentals course instructor

Instructor: Storm Kenmuir - House of Extractions

Storm is the founder of House of Extractions which is a boutique extraction company.  He is a cannabis enthusiast with deep knowledge on extraction techniques and methods.   

When not extracting he can be found playing guitar on sandy beaches. 

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