Welcome to the world of Cheeba Africa, a place built on trust and a space where we truly care about you and the world around us. We have been passionate about Cannabis for a long time and are proud to finally be able to work in a field that we love and believe in. It is indeed exciting to see the global Cannabis industry exploding, however it can be a minefield of twists and turns that can make it confusing and a little scary. Our aim is to help you navigate this green matrix and join us in celebrating this magical plant.

We are also aware that delivering products in this industry comes with great responsibility as many people look to Cannabis to alleviate and support medical conditions and to assist with overall wellness. With this in mind, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible products, through an exceptional customer experience, with honesty and transparency.
  3rd party lab tests are available for all CBD products and each item in our Cheeba Africa range comes with its own QR code connecting you to the results for that specific batch.  

We are based in the beautiful city of Cape Town and we are proud of the local and global community that we work with. Suppliers, growers, lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, activists and teachers, all passionate professionals who pride themselves on principles of integrity and trust. But seeing is believing, try us out for size and lets see if we can be friends.

Cheeba Africa - An Elevated Cannabis Experience

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Health & Wellness

We believe that to find true health and wellness we must find balance, something that can be a challenge in our modern frenetic lifestyles. Cannabis can assist us in a number of ways to help us find balance both medicinally and recreationally and can contribute significantly to improving our quality of life. 

However, when looking to improve our quality of life through Cannabis we also believe it is important to include other wellness practices for mind and body and to be conscious of the food we eat. 

Cannabis contains terpenes, amino acids and vitamins which all contribute to our health and wellness and our Premium Broad Spectrum CBD ensures that you get all of the benefits that the plant has to offer.

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As our industry grows, education is key to ensure that it realises its full potential and that we can compete on a global level. We believe the Cannabis industry has the power to positively impact the African continent economically by empowering disadvantaged communities and facilitating job creation and micro business opportunities.

To support the growth of the industry we run The Craft Cannabis Sessions and Craft Cannabis TV which are initiatives to bring the Cannabis community closer together through knowledge sharing and networking. This knowledge is then offered through formalised training via our Cheeba Cannabis Academy.

Network | Learn | Share | Grow

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Lifestyle by Design

Well crafted, well designed Cannabis products can make excellent gifts to compliment your lifestyle. Most of our gift products are locally made supporting local business and job creation. Whether it is a set of stylish grow bags - made from 100% recycled material, a designer storage box - made from sustainable wood or bamboo, or a CBD gift set - keep an eye on our growing range for the Cannabis aficionados amongst your friends and family - and of course for yourself.   


We love media and are passionate about “life long learning” so we created Craft Cannabis TV which is our online channel dedicated to all things Cannabis. Through our channel, we explore, unpack and investigate areas of the industry in an effort to share knowledge and help our industry grow.

Our Craft Cannabis Sessions events are shot in front of a live studio audience but due to the current crisis are on hold until further notice. You can however still watch all the content on Craft Cannabis TV.

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The Cannabis industry of south africa

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Cannabis in South Africa has been decriminalised by the country's Constitutional Court for personal growing and consumption by adults in private. However, laws prohibiting use outside of one's private dwelling and buying and selling Cannabis containing THC still remain. CBD is legal in South Africa.

At the forefront of driving legalisation in South Africa are a non-profit organisation called Fields of Green. Founded in 2014, by Julian Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke aka the “Dagga Couple”. The organisation engages with policy makers in order to help construct South Africa’s Cannabis future in all of its varied facets.

They have been working with the Cannabis community on a manifesto for policy reform outlining the ‘Desired Outcomes’ for Cannabis legislation on South Africa.

If you are interested in helping push Cannabis legislation forward please support them.

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