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(full time 4 MONTH course)

This course is designed for anyone wanting an entry point into the cannabis industry and for those in the industry looking to formalise their knowledge.  It covers growing from seed to harvest where students will germinate in the first week and harvest in the last. Students will learn about the medical benefits of cannabis and how it interacts with our bodies - our medical curriculum is delivered in partnership with our US partner Medical Marijuana 411 - the world leader in medical cannabis training.

We believe in holistic education and the course will also cover the cannabis industry value chain, the ecosphere,  entrepreneurship, project management skills and personal development training.  We facilitate a blended learning model where we combine in-class training with practical hands on training and e-learning.  

There is no better way to test and solidify ones knowledge than getting hands on in the industry. We place our students in a one month internship with a cannabis company to ensure they can expand their knowledge and begin to network in the industry.

Monthly field trips:
Each month we take our students on a cannabis industry outing to experience the coal face of the industry. We have a partnership with CBD Full Spectrum who are a SAHPRA licensed cannabis farm 15 mins from the campus.  This gives our students real time exposure to the workings of an operating cannabis farm.

Our beautiful campus is only 40 mins from the centre of Johannesburg in Vereeniging and has on site accommodation for 190 students. 

Our course is endorsed by the University of Limpopo / Edupark and on successful completion of the course our students will be awarded with a certificate of completion from the university.

Minimum entry requirements:
Grade 12 / over 18 years old

There are options to study at the campus as a day student or to become a campus resident.

Full time student living on campus:
R47,700 - includes accommodation Monday to Friday (4 nights), 4.5 days of meals and all excursions. 

Full time student living off campus:
R26,800 - includes all excursions.

Bespoke packages for full time live in students are available on request.  Please talk to us to help you decide on the best option.

Intakes 2021:
April 1st
June 24th
Sep 16th

Course duration: 3 months full time plus 1 month internship

Campus information
Cannabis Industry 101

Our farm partner's facility: CBD Full Spectrum

CBD Full Spectrum FarmCBD Full Spectrum FarmCBD Full Spectrum Farm

Our campus

Cheeba Academy campus
University of Limpopo
Medical Marijuana 411

Course syllabus

An Ancient Plant for Modern Illnesses
Legal Landscape
The Endocannabinoid System
Cannabinoids and Terpenes
Clinical Practice
Delivery Systems for Cannabis
Medical Myth and Facts

The Botany of the Cannabis Plant
Genetics & Strain Selection
Indoor & Outdoor Growing
Methods & Mediums
Growing Stages
Companion Planting
Maintenance & Techniques
Doctors Corner / Disease Control
Maximising Quality & Yields
Harvesting, Trimming, Curing

Industry Structure & Value Chain
Supply Chain Management
Compliance & Regulation
Testing & Extraction
Industrial Farming & Scaling Up
Project Management 
Permaculture & Food Security
Industrial Hemp
Health & Nutrition 


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