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8-week prograMme
NQF Level 4 - SAQA ID:66249
services seta aligned

The African Hemp industry is coming online, let us train you and your team about the industry and how to establish a successful business in Hemp.


In person programme

40 Hours per Week

On request and depending on group size

On request

Industrial Hemp Training


Attendees can obtain 24 credits towards the Further Education and Training Certificate: New Venture Creation NQFL4 - SAQA ID: 66249 (149 credits)

Entry requirements: Grade 11

The Hemp industry in Africa is on the verge of rapid growth but in order for it to realise its true potential the industry needs to industrialise.

A deeper understanding of manufacturing, processing and the business of the Hemp industry is needed to support the agricultural side of the industry.

This training program covers fundamental business skills needed to start a new venture in the Hemp industry. It provides insight into plant basics, cultivation, the entire Hemp value chain as well as practical applications for manufacturing Hemp products that are accessible and affordable.

Let us empower your community or team to enter this exciting and dynamic new industry. 

Hemp Products


Skills Programme 1: (Services Seta)
What it takes to start and run a Hemp Business

- Understand entrepreneurship (credits 5)
- Produce a Hemp Business Plan (credits 8)

Skills Programme 2: (Services Seta)
Managing the Finance of a Hemp New Venture

- Managing finances of a new venture (credits 6)
- Understanding market mechanisms (credits 6)

Skills Programme 3: (Cheeba Cannabis Academy)
Understand Hemp Plant basics

- The growing stages of Hemp
- Hemp genetics
- How to plant Hemp
- Pests and diseases
- Harvesting and storage

Skills Programme 4: (Cheeba Cannabis Academy)
Understanding the Hemp Industry

- Industry supply chain overview
- Industrial Hemp industry opportunities
- Processing

How to make:
- Hemp Oil
- Hemp cream / soap
- Hemp fibre
- Animal feed & bedding
- Hempcrete

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