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Get educated, get involved, and get ahead in the cannabis industry.  As our industry grows, so will the need for skilled people to help keep pace with consumer demands. While many companies in the industry are small start up operations, they are quickly growing and with this will come new career opportunities.   

We offer courses for those starting out in the cannabis industry and those who are looking to add cannabis skills to an existing role. We also offer bespoke corporate training and consulting services across the African continent to up-skill your team so please get in touch if this is of interest. We have over 10 years experience in the education industry, building three state-of-the-art Higher Education campus that serviced over 450 full time students a year.   

We work closely with lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, growers, industry professionals and government organisations to ensure we are up to date and current. Our medical cannabis courses are brought to you in partnership with the US based cannabis online education platform Medical Marijuana 411. With over 800+ current, peer reviewed citations, Medical Marijuana 411 is the leader in online medical marijuana education for patients, medical professionals and dispensary consultants.

Our online courses have been updated to localise content where relevant and students are given lifetime access to their student dashboard to review materials at any time in the future. We provide free access to Cannabis education thought our online media channel Craft Cannabis TV and our webinars.


Medical Cannabis CPD CourseMedical Cannabis Professional CourseMedical Cannabis Professional Bundle Course
Cannabis 101Cannabis 101 Fundamentals Bundle CourseCannabis Consultant (Budtender) CertificationGrow Masterclass with Master Grower Natie Ferreira

According to market intelligence and strategic consultancy firm Prohibition Partner, the legal cannabis industry in Africa is predicted to be worth more than $US 7.1 billion annually by 2023 and South Africa’s domestic market for cannabis and related products, excluding non-psychoactive CBD products that are available legally, to be worth R27 billion ($US 2 Billion) by 2023.       

Cannabis has the potential to have a significant positive impact on our economy, facilitating large scale job creation and assisting disadvantaged communities with making a living as well as contributing to an overall improvement of our continents health. 

Our Mission 

The Cheeba Cannabis Academy is a dynamic and diverse academic institute committed to providing accurate, relevant, current and trustworthy cannabis information and training.  We provide students with the knowledge, skills and network needed to lead and succeed in our rapidly evolving cannabis industry and to help decriminalise cannabis in the minds of Africans.

Our advisory board 

Tony Budden 

Tony Budden is a founding partner of Hemporium, South Africa’s premier hemp company. Hemporium has been pioneering the use of industrial cannabis products since 1996 and built Africa’s first Hemp House, which is a recognised WDC 2014 project.

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Dr Carmen James

Dr. Carmen James is an integrative medical doctor and health coach.  She is passionate about educating and empowering people to transform their mental, physical and emotional health to truly live their best lives and believes Cannabis can play an important role in this. 

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Jacqui Ramage

Jacqui Ramage (B.Pharm) is a pharmacist and is a subject matter expert on the medicinal and regulatory cannabis industry in SA. Her particular areas of speciality are in cultivation, regulation, education and the medicinal cannabis space.

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Dr Jake Felice

Dr Jake Felice runs a Naturopath Pain Clinic in Washington State in the USA. He is a medical cannabis expert who provides scientific, medical, public relations, and compliance based advice for companies in emerging and existing cannabis markets.

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Prof Learnmore Kambizi

Prof Learnmore Kambizi holds a PhD in Plant Sciences and is a professor at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. He has worked with Chemists, Medical doctors, Pharmacists, Horticulturists, Toxicologists and dieticians in drug discovery endeavours.

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