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Cannabis as a medicine
2-Day seminar
14 CPD points

As the Cannabis industry grows and the demand for Cannabis from the public increases it is imperative that medical professionals are equipped with the necessary knowledge on Cannabis to assist their patients.

We are proud to have partnered with Carols Oil to bring you South Africa's most comprehensive Medical Cannabis Seminar which enables attendees to gain 14 CPD points accredited through the HPCSA. The seminar consists a 2-day educational seminar for medical and healthcare professionals as well as anyone with a deep interest in the healing powers of medical Cannabis.  

2-Day Seminar (14 CPD points - HPCSA):
Our 2-day seminar is delivered in partnership with Carol's Oil. Lead by T/Dr Sharon Price the seminar is a highly detailed introduction into the modern use cases and efficacy of medical Cannabis, along with how to practically implement treatment with safe and effective medical Cannabis extracts into a patient’s protocol.

Next Seminar Date: Fri, 29th & Sat, 30th November 2024
Location: Cheeba Cannabis Academy, Rivonia, Johannesburg
Cost:  R4,850* in person attendance

*Accommodation is NOT included


Sharon Price

About T/Dr Sharon Price (Lead facilitator):
Sharon Price is the Founder and Co-Owner of Carol's Oil and has been researching and developing medicinal cannabis extraction and treatments for more than fifteen years.During this time she has worked alongside Medical Doctors and Integrative Medical Practitioners supporting adult and child patients to support diseases and conditions such as: Alzheimer's, arthritis, asthma, cancer, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy and HIV.Sharon’s most profound influence is Israeli organic chemist and professor of Medicinal Chemistry Raphael Mechoulam’s. Sharon’s research journey involved many inspirations like SACIM’s Dr. Bernard Brom, Metaphysicist and Metaphysical Reflexologist Lynn Pretorius and Health Optimizing’s Dr Helen Muir. She has also collaborated with or drawn much knowledge from great minds like Erica Drewars, Fred van der Reit, Dr. Cristina Sánchez, Manuel Guzman and the doctor who helped save her Mom during her fight with Pancreatic cancer, Specialist Physician Dr. Gonzalez. When Sharon began this holistic approach to healing illness in South Africa there was little recognised professional knowledge and support of the treatment concepts, which forced Sharon to default into her own world of research and development. Ultimately this resulted in treatment protocols that have substantially impacted symptom relief, vastly improved quality of life and in numerous cases, resulted in full remission of disease. Her in-depth knowledge of medicinal cannabis extraction and treatment protocols bolstered by deep appreciation and respect for what natural medicine can do to change a person's life perfectly position her to provide training to others. 

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About Dr Yernush Naidoo (Co-facilitator):
Dr Yernush is a General Practitioner that was trained in Acute Psychiaty and Gereral surgery during his Community Service and Junior years as a Medied Officer in the Govemment SectorHe has a keen interest in human enhancement medicine which has led him to the study of The Endocannabinoid System and the field of Medical Cannabis.He treats sick medical patients across he country virtually and at his two Medical Practises in Durban, South Africa - through his first-hand experience he is able to accurately assess and diagnose multiple conditions and determine proper treatment plans with precise dosages and forms of Cannabis extracts to rebalance any deficiencies in The ECS which is tailored for each patient's lifetyle, level of disease and level of understanding of Cannabis.I hope this is what you had in mind for the Bio Linda, let me know if there are any changes you would like to make

Mischa Price

About Mischa Price (Co-facilitator):
Mischa Price joined Carol’s Oil in 2013 and has since become a partner. Mischa’s role within the company has immersed her deeply into the work they do to support those who rely on the products and protocols offered by Carol’s Oil. Mischa ensures production and quality control of their F.E.C.O production, product and packaging and client support. In more recent years Mischa has begun to work closely with patients and clients as a practitioner. Mischa has spoken at industry trade exhibitions, exhibited at medical seminars and hosts and offers training during the oil making training events held by Carol’s Oil. Mischa Price is a founding member of The Association of Compassion working towards the protection of patients using medicinal cannabis in South Africa, doing so with the objective of educating South African’s about the benefits of holistic treatment of the diseases withnatural medicines, the legal challenges the cannabis plant faces in South Africa and advocates for joining together to create legal and safe access to medicines.

programme outline

  • The history of Cannabis
  • The Cannabinoid Godfather and pioneers
  • Our Experience at the PMC19
  • Legality of cannabis in SA
  • Cannabis Plant, Genotypes, Phenotypes and Chemotypes
  • Phytocannabinoids and Terpenes
  • Varieties of Medical Cannabis
  • Growing Organically and Correct Extraction
  • The Endocannabinoid System
  • Cannabinoids Enzymes and other Components
  • What cannabis can and cannot do 
  • How the body absorbs and metabolises
  • Methods of Delivery and Administration
  • Dosing
  • Adverse effects of cannabis
  • Dietary Plans
  • Treating Patients Emotionally
  • Treatment Protocols for each Disease / Disorder*
  • Precision Medicine
  • What cannabis can and cannot do with COVID

self-study COURSE (20 CPD Points)

Our Medical Professional online course is a series of 12 modules designed to teach medical professionals about cannabis. Learn about the legal framework of working with medical Cannabis, the basics of the Cannabis plant, the endocannabinoid system, and how cannabinoid receptors work with our bodies.

Additional modules cover important topics like: how to medicate, inhalation versus ingestion, contraindications, drug-on-drug interactions, and recommended rations of specific illnesses.

The course includes video testimonials from scientists and medical experts, infographics, and additional visuals to support the written content. Any individual wanting to learn more about the science of cannabis will find the course valuable.

With over 800+ peer-reviewed research citations, our Medical Professional Cannabis Course is the most current, complete and comprehensive Medical Cannabis Course available. 

South African Accreditation
This course has been accredited with the Health Professions Council of South Africa for CPD points (Continued Professional Development).
Accreditation Level 1: 20 CPD points with a pass mark of 70% or above.

US Accreditation
This course has been planned and implemented in accordance with the accreditation requirements and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) in the US. 

The course is an online self-learning activity with an estimated time to complete of 20 hours


Section 1 – Legal Landscape
Overview of Cannabis Laws and Regulations
Additional Considerations for Medical Professionals

Section 2 – An Ancient Plant for Modern Illnesses
Early History of Cannabis Use
Cannabis in the West
South African Prohibition and History  
Medical Cannabis Today
Hemp vs Cannabis

Section 3 – The Discovery of the Endocannabinoid System
Discovering the Endocannabinoid System
The Endocannabinoid System: The Body’s Supercomputer
Why the Endocannabinoid System is Not Taught in Medical School

Section 4 – The Endocannabinoid System
The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)
How Cannabinoids Attach to Receptors
Endocannabinoids and Human Thriving Behavior

Section 5 – One Plant, One Complex Chemical Factory
Minor Cannabinoids and Terpenes
The Entourage Effect & Tolerance / ECS Down Regulation
Botanical vs. Single Molecule Compounds & Cannabinoids and Opioids

Section 6 – Getting Cannabinoids into the Bloodstream
The Role of the Dispensary, Flower vs Concentrates & Extraction Methods
Inhalation: Smoking vs. Vaporization
Edibles, Oral Mucosal, Topicals and Suppositories

Section 7 – Patient Centered Dosing
Considerations Before Medicating with Cannabis
Relative Contraindications
Finding the Appropriate Dose

Section 8 – Laboratory Testing
How Testing Works
Contaminants: Pesticides, Fungi and Mold
How to Interpret a Test

Section 9 – Clinical Practice
Anxiety Disorders, Cancer and Epilepsy
Gastrointestinal Disorders, Sleep Disorders and Migraine Headaches
Neurodegenerative Disorders, Pain and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders

Section 10 – Cannabis and Opioids
Pain Management Today
Cannabis and Opioids: The Good News
Cannabis and NSAIDS: More Good News

Section 11 – Medical Myths and Facts
Gateway Theory, Addiction and Brain Function
Impaired Motivation, Memory and Mental State
Lung Damage, Usage Patterns and Overall Danger

Section 12 – Additional Resources
Research and Advocacy Organisations, Further Reading Lists
Additional Resources

*Arthritis, Alzheimers, Anxiety, AppetiteBipolar & Depression, COPD and Asthma, Cancer, Crohnes Disease, Fertility, Fibromyalgia, HIV, Hypertension, Insomnia, Immune support, libido & Fertility, Limes Disease, Lung inflammation, Menopause, Muscle and Ligament Discomfort, Nausea and Appetite Loss, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, Pain Management, Seizures, Schizophrenia/ Psychosis, Psychological Symtoms, Palliative Care, Animal and Cannabis Medicine
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