In conversation with Tony Budden (video)

by Cheeba Africa

Tony Budden is a founding partner of Hemporium, South Africa’s premier hemp company. Hemporium has been pioneering the use of industrial cannabis products since 1996 and built Africa’s first Hemp House, which is a recognised WDC 2014 project.

He is a leading Industrial Cannabis expert who has presented a number of keynote addresses at global cannabis conferences on industrial cannabis cultivation, processing, marketing and the future of the industry.

He is involved in South Africa and Malawi’s Hemp Research Trials, growing industrial Cannabis under license and moving towards a legitimate hemp industry so that Africa can benefit economically through job creation and export. He is passionate about raising environmental issue awareness and hopes to play a part in implementing the changes necessary to correct the ecological balance of our planet.

He joined us as a guest at one of our Craft Cannabis Sessions events.

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