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R1,450 (JHB)

Growing your own Cannabis is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. It is one thing to grow a tomato and eat it, but it is a whole other level when you grow your own bud that can enhance your personal wellness and take you to a higher dimension, pun intended. Not that we are putting tomatoes down, we love to grow those too :-).

This course is designed for budding home growers who have some experience with growing Cannabis and aspiring growers who have not started yet but are keen to give it a try. You will be given a brief overview of the Cannabis industry and how it works, taken through the plant’s growth cycle from “seed to harvest” and be introduced to all the apparatus needed to optimise your grow.  

On completion of this course you will have a fundamental understanding how to successfully grow Cannabis indoors at home, how growing Cannabis fits into the Cannabis supply chain and how Cannabis works with our bodies. You will receive a certificate of attendance on completion of the course.

The course is facilitated by Cuban Zulu as well as The Green Munchkin, both top indoor home growers:  

Growing Indoor Cannabis

Next course dates for 2023:
18th March 
3rd June
5th August

Darian Jacobs aka Daz has been a Cannabis farmer since 2010 specialising in organic Cannabis cultivation and solventless Cannabis extraction methods. He is a long time advocate for the benefits of Cannabis as a medicine after recovering from a diabetic coma. His extensive Cannabis cultivation experience led him to a love of sharing his knowledge to ensure others can gain insight into Cannabis and Hemp cultivation and the benefits of consuming Cannabis safely with minimal environmental impact. He is just green through and through. 

Daz Boutique Indoor Grower
Cuban Zulu Boutique Indoor Grower

Mikael Dufresne aka The Green Munchkin: Originally from Switzerland, Mikael has been growing mostly indoor for over 10 years. He has a special interest in soil and is in constant search for better answers to the question 'How can we team up with nature in order to grow the most beautiful plant while regenerating our soil?'

Course topics covered


- Getting started - Why do I want to grow and what are the       considerations ?
- Industry overview (understanding how growing Cannabis       fits into the Cannabis industry value chain)
- Understand the Cannabis plants chemistry, how it interacts    with our bodies and its benefits
- Genetics and strain selection
- An overview of the apparatus needed
- Grow methods and mediums
- Light cycles and lighting
- Growing outdoors (introduction)

The Growth Cycle:

- How to successfully germinate your seeds
- The different stages of the Cannabis plants growth
- The early vegetation cycle and tricks and tips to ensure you    are on the right track to growing healthy plants
- Nutrients and grow mediums
- Doctors corner - disease control, preventative measures        and treatment
- How to clone and why we do it
- Maintenance and training techniques
- Flowering tips and tricks
- Trichomes and understand when you are ready to harvest
- Harvesting, trimming, curing and storage

Post grow:
- An introduction to extraction and testing


This course takes place at our campus in Johannesburg (Rivonia).

The course starts at 9:30am and includes:
- A T-shirt
- A certificate of attendance

This course will give you the opportunity to expand your network with fellow growers and facilitate peer to peer knowledge exchange.
Cost: R1,450

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